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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  February 6, 2014 12:00am-1:01am EST

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>> our o most valuablealuabl and
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versitile system thet ninj turboarged >> the ninja has the power to get restaurant quality lity it is on the leading edge of health trends. it prodes the ultimatee in choosing. y'll pulveriz'll whole fruits and vegetables in seconds. in in the superfood drink. now, you can harness all of the nutrients and fiber d help you help
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and your family feel better, have more energy, lose weight and lead a happier life. >en i changed how i ate and treated my body, my entire health change. >> i think a lot of people the reason that having a lot reasons people don't eat healthy is because it is not couse itnt. >> you can bring all of the ma power. resh fruit and vegetables and second and et delicious and andhealthy drinkhgo. >> it is great for my husband and i. we can pull we want in there for our personal drink and take it to go. i ha never elt better in my n myfe. >> why would you spendspsp money on a nutrients extractor when you can get completicg and more. the ninjahas the immense power and huge capacity d huge professional-gradede deproces de
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yill use yoy ninja to ma popular and crunchy chopped shallots -- salads. thnja makes incredible low-fatlow- ice cream in seconds.n you can enjoy healthy desnjoy h we are not done. the ninja also makes two pounds of dough in less than 20 seconds. you can get homemade breads and cookies faster than ever. there's $1t0 in professional blenders juicers and -- itr easy to use. usit isit is isis safe and has au-locking features. it makes clning a breeze. the mega kitchen system is extr fordable. find out how youw can get this risk-free. get ready to discover how fast, h easy, andsyun the healthy drinks
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and mills for your family can an. here is your host. . can you believthe powewether are vegetables and fruits in a e container.e containeit goes through it like nothing. >> i am blend of price and you are about toar see -- here to show you how sysy and exciting it is is the man behind the number one sellinumb prof al blender system in america. amer >> hello. i'm here today to introduce y the mega-kitchen system. tem.we started with a two horsepower motor. and then we used our ninja blade technologyogogog.
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it allows you to crush ice into ntosnow for credible restaurant-q lity drinks and smoothies. oo we set up the comparis and i' sett nearly $500. weput both of the jars with solid ice cubes and i ice you to see the difference that you get when you have thehen yon ninja blad sy combined with the two horsepower. are you ready? look at that. >> nothing does with thing doem thing can do. it is setithat only ha happens when you have niwhen you blades. you combine that withne tha the blender. check th ut. oh my goodness. is creamy. >> well.
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it bs the ice intothe the cr snow. i'm going to make a classic restaurant-style -- i have my peaches and i put them in the jar. a any sparkliae insider like i'm m adding now. we are ready to go. look at that. thaall of that in snow will stop that's what gives emgi professpp rantrant style. >> this is a thing i have to have a taste of. are you ready? loohat. t.absolutely delicious. how's how'e. it is fabulous. it is the perfect drink. >> smooth creamy.
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that is thesecret. >> the ice cubes cubo bounce bounaround. with the ninja n wit wit get the aget ute ents. >> this one cost $500. i want to show you the difference when yourence combine i want to show you what happens when you combine two horsepower, professional power witsionrsi incredible ninja blade system.yste what i did is fill up boid is ss with solid f s and vegetabless and solid ice cubes. the dtheice and cold. we call this comweete nuthie c juicing.juic let me show you the di serence between the two.twee are you ready?u here we go. all right, you see it is g you together? going, going, gone. you see what i'm seeing here, brenda? you see the way i have that
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smooth texture? no tamping required. at is what makes incredible, complete nutrient juicing. would you like to taste it? >> i would. i can't believe how fast tlieve was. >> that with solid vegetables and ice cubes. it i rrific drink.ic it tastes great and is supert ant healthy. >> oh, my gosh. it is absolutely delicious. it is cold and everything is blended. it is very smootit is i love it. >> that is complete nutrient juicing and it is delicious. >> with the ninja, i get the fibers and nutrients.utri
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it liquefi he entire fruit. >> what i really liked about the ninja is that three-tiered blade or it what that does is pull everything down and it continuesit to mix. >> now for the first time, we are introducing are introduc blending i blle-serve cup. you get the full two horsepower, the 1500 w ts thering our ninj ne single servingingle at a time.ate. never been done before. that is able to make complete nutrient juicing in a single cup. ole fruit, wle vegetuit,s, solid ice cubes, no problem. that is 24,000 rpm's' look at that. there nothing out there that out the can deliver that kind of performance.perfncnc you want to taste it?it >> i really want to taste itwa that is delicious. it is thsame power. the same amount of power that -- >> exactly the same amount of power. s driving a single serving or the larger g ounce container. >> i am always on the go from training to wo tr
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wi these, i can just add, i ini and get ever ng that i need. is easy to take and drink while i am at class ori amer a workout. >> foods can be ally important for your help. at is why nutrient extraction isractisract popular days. super foods de reverse the ef aging, superch agd your metabolism, fightabolis flammation cal restaurantrestaura aurawhat pressure, and help and h reduce the risk of some cancers when combined with healthy exercise and dieexercise but ulverize ft its andrize vegetables down to the cellular level to create easilyea
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digestible, deliciges helpdrinks, you must have tremendousave power and sp power he ninja mega kitchen system with its advanced blade design actually s more than twice the power anspeed of any nutrienten exacto out there.acto out therto out regular lenders are just not designed to pulverize fruits and and vegetables to let's make one of my favorite
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complete nutrient juice drink inin a regur r and a ninja. r an each one of these has th of th innts inside area i'm going to t n on the blender. it is not getting the job s no lverizing no uits getables.tabl let me show you what i'm talkin iin i out. let' at the results. i am going to pour this throughh the colander.e no, absolutely not. i'm going to press it down, but look at this. this is not doing what wet wanted. that is no superfood we were exp . lehow you what you getyou y y with the ninja.he n e results are just incredible.. have all of tho have aldientsho hav pulverized. itw a ninja complete nutrient juice, a tasty chilled
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superfood. i am going to pour this to the same colander. look at that. that is incredible.ed this superfood is is s for you to drink and for your bodynd for absorb. as far as the taste -- well, to your health. delicious. >> ninja has taken the world by storm with a blending system. now we are taking a quantum leap forward. troducing the new ninja mega hen system. st powerful, fast, and most versatile system ever. there is no other appliance in the world with ninja's raw power and features. it is turbocharged by turbocatts of power a ng with ower aivng w o horsepowerotor for inedible speed, up to 24,000, rpm's. the ninja mega kitchen system lets you do so much with test pliance. ninja has the wer to crush ice into fine, smooth snow, for restaurant re daunks for ninja is on the leading edge ofg ed health trends, providing the leading in complete nutrient juicing. yoll pulverize wholl pulvesholl pul p and that she pulled in seconds. now you can harness all of tharn vitamins, vital nutrients, andnts,
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fiber to help you and your family better, have more energy, lose weight, andloive ae a healthier make hea drinks for the whole family in our huge 72 ounce pict e or our new single-server-side. ushed ice and fruit in secondsfr for a healthy drink to go. whwould you spend money on a nutrient e or when ni n ni can de r complete nutrient icing and so much more? much mo >> the kids love drink kids love the ninja so they don't realize how much nutrition is going intoing their bodies. >> the ninja has the huge power and capacity for a dash for of a professional-great food prsor.sor. you can grind all kinds ofnds of food you can also use your ninja to the pair popular crunchy salad
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the freshest salsa, and homemade sauces. the ninja also mthe niow-fat iceat i cream in seconds. an also makes 20 p ando makes 20 doh in seconds so you can makeke homemade cookies and bread and faster than ever. the ninja is supere asy to use and extremely safe with specialsp auto-locking safety they are dishwasher safe makinashe cleaning a breeze.e. the ninja replaces over $1500 in professional blenders, mixers,ers, m and single-serve nutrient juicers. you might ex ct to pay up to $1000 for the state-of-the-art blending system.endiysys you will not even pay $200. order now and you will recand ecan the ninja mega kitchen system, feing a two horsepower motor, the huge 72 ounce picture, plus two single-serving juicing cups all for five easy payments of $44.95.95. if you call now, we will drop aa payment. so it is just for paymentsusf$44.95.
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we will also include the meal thel guide. and now, the b news. as an extra special, veryspsp limited time offer, ted r no o and we will also include the ninja professional prep system. you can turn your kitchen into a food prep wonder.od pre slice vegetables, french fries and more. it is a $90 value that you getou free just for ordering rightorde now. >> i know you are going to love my new ninja mega kitchen n i will let you try it for 60 days. if you are not happy for any a reason, just send asonack. i will even pay the return shipping. sh if you order direct from nin d d today, i will give you my five year v service guara ser
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if any es wrong with your ninja in the next five years, we will fix it or will fixt fort for we will even pay the shipping old ways. there will be absolutely no cost to, guaranteed. now that od old-fashioned stomer servi stomer cl, go online, or use your mobile device now to order the ninjmega kit en system, including the ninja healthy living guide, a profes gonal rep system, 60 day risk free t dal
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and five-year vip service agreement. s something yos ll nots ll n find in stores andnd in stores a avaible for a limited time. don't wait. order right now. >> t mega kitchen system with two horsepower offers professional power and performance in food processing and don't making.. we a o make healthier decious cheeseburgers theee a way. brenda, i would likedaoui o usee the cuisinart right here. i'm going to use the ninja.sehe ninja i oing to add 2.5 pounds of chicken. you can see it is getting all evenly mixed together. over here, you have the largee large pieces of cheese on the top remainin i ome dried tomatoesie and red bell peppers that have arsrsce, smoky flavor.. ahead and turn ahead and t leave it on for a little bit. see the way that is all mixing even together? t you see, you still have the bigave chunks of chee chver there.
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>>ave big chunks oave biken and sun-dried tomatoes.drie mark, there is no doubt that ninja is a serious food processor. he wishes ninjas cheeses, ones thats,ne kids and you are going to enjoy eating together. when you have a professional kitchen system, making fun and fresh salads and dressing isin easy and fast.ast. here we go.gogo broccoli, ham broccoli theocco ncy. isn't that easy? at it is not so easy at my house.use. we are not unch of ghostch o here, my kid say, we are note going to e salad foto e s. i'm going to show you somew recipes that are realls ious and tasty. >> i call this my sun-drenched dressing.. it is really icious.
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isn't that terrific?fic? sun-dren sun-g. in your home, you can prepme, me, opped salad with a prestion like this.tion l.tion my kids come running for salad night now because itt s sobeca and exciting.d ex brenda, this is a great stand mixer. but we wanted to show you thatthe ninja th great jobth g job with all types of dough andf doug faster. i'm going to 'm going to mixer on. we have the dough speed over 'm goin ' that ' that
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up like that.e that. i have the dou i haed overhaha here. again, the dough speed over here. >> wow, look at how fast everng is getting done. ook at that.oo u believe that? the dough is basically ready.ic can you believe that? i'm going to shut off thestoesto too. these are not ready yet. i think the cookie dough is ready here. >> we have our cookie dough.ooki >> that is still going. inlly what this looks the dough is reathe doliterallylitera 20 sterads. he you have the pizza
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go. it is in a perfect ball. over her how great is the house smell when you have cookieco dough ready? isn' at great?atat at>> i have my cake mix here. it is pretty easy, i can just po this in po t oh yeah, just like this. completely blended. >> mad dough, we madedougdoug cookies, v cookies, vokie have used the kitchenaid mixerkitc for years, b for slower and i don't use it of'use >> i understand that your low caloe each ice cream reach iream rea number one requesumber pe last >> it solutely was.solusolu it is so easy to make, i willto makto show you right sh. i add the frozen peaches. i tle bit of low-fat milk. this o i am going t doing t fren strawberries end sandwich the strawberri , and ra between i will a ittle bit of greit yogurt. i also have dark chosolaav chips here >> i love dark chocolate. this is perfect. have mang i' 'm going t'm add y milk, d i have some ns. you do that one, i am going tom go do these two here. ready? go.
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l right, let'l risee what'e ha i e. look of the aware awar winn from last >> the peach looks beauteach looks bea >> unbelievable. >> look at t >>y color with the mango. mangthe consistency is amazing. >> a wberry with the ocolate chip.ocolate olat t is good fot is good d >> it rries and gr k k yogurt. . . >> wow there's some for you. ve no probleve no anyone in my mi . >> in just four years, nin four year four yeye taken the world by storme world blending m unlike any otherny o ny o more tha llion haha llion ha
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sold, maki so the number number one bl system in the countrtrtr now we are taking a quantum leap forward. forwar introducing the new ninja meganinja a kitchen system during n symostin powerf our fastest and most ile lending system elendin e e there is no other appliance in the world with ninja's power an's po the ninja is turbocharged by and by a amazing 1500 w amazinyourinur power, alo with a ma alotwoh a ma a horsepower motor for iowerdiblebl speeds. speeds it goes up to 24,000 rpm's for food m second. ninja's advanced blade technology is one of the most exci blade breakthrougladen decades.
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the ninja let you do so muchu do so with jus with je. j it power to crush power t in sw r smoothies andsmoothieooth restaurant-qua re drinks. ninja is o ninj of o th o care iding the ulmatethe ulma incomplete trient choosing.os osu will crush vegetables and fruit in second. sec you can ha you cae vitamins and fiber to help you and youryour family feel better, haveeeorett energy weight, and lead eind l healthier life. you can make e you for a wholee e in a 72 ounce pitcher, oror our new single-server size.-server crushed ice and fruit in seconds for a healthy drink to galthy why wo you spend money on ad mone nutrient drink extractor when the ninja ca thver it and sond ch more? >> >>ri e e ks from the ninja, so they don' alize how much nutrition isually going in tllir body >> the ninja has t the ner andnd capacity of a professionalf a atalf a food processor, easily grinding all kinds of dsl kinds health heal you ca so use the ninja two n pair chopp alad, healpp alad, he dressing, fresh salsa, and homemade, sa hoauces. nja even makes low-fat m decadent ice credecadent ice credecadent you can enjoy yothy dessert.thy we are not d a he ninja also makes is anis amazing two pounds of dough inunds
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20 seconds, so you can prepare homemade bread and cmakiesad and fasthan ever... the ninja is super easy to use and extremely and ith specialh special auto-locking safety figures. s all parts are dishwapart safe mang g a breeze.ze. the ninja replacese ninj$1500 aces professional juiprofessiod processors, and mixers. you might expect to pay as mucct to o as $1000 for the e-of-the-art blendingndin system. order today and you won't pay $1000. $1000. you wo pay $500, u p't evay $200.ev order now u will receiveve the ninja mega kitchen system featuring a two horsepowerho r, 72 ounce pitcher, a cup food processor with blade, plus si ng juice and cups all for 5 easy paymentr 5 ea
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$44.95. listen to this. when you rder diren yin the next five minutes, we will drope one payment. it is just four easy payments of $44.95. plus, we w so i, lude ninja's healthy living guide to guide t get you started with over 30 recipes, meal plan suggestions and ti or a healtti a lifestyle.ste. now the big news.w as a limited time offer, order now and we will also include thede t ninja professionni prep system. you can turn your mega kitchen em into a food procento gro wonder. wo innocently slice and prepare cheese, vegetables, and moreta is a 90 dollar value that you get free j t for ordering rightight now. >> i know you'>> i gnong to loveng my new ninja k my n system. my i will let you try for 60 days and if you're not happy for any reason, send it reck. ll pay the return ship the rhe r if r do love it, and i know you will, when you order today give you gf five-year service guarantee. if anything goes wrong with your
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ninja mega kitchen system in the next five years, we will fix it or replace it for free.r we will even pay t w shipping w both way there will b thertely no cost st you, guaranteed. at-bat is at-bashionedoned stomer service. >> call, go online, or use your mobile denies now to order the ninja mega kitchen system including the ninja healthy living guide, the ninja professional prep system, 60 day free trial and five-year servi five-ye five- guarantee. that is a total value of $400va for just four easy payments of $44.95. this is an exclusive tv offer you will not find in storesstores and it is only availab is only ava limi me, so don't wait. order right now. p cedias a paid prog r the ninja mega kitchen system, brought to you by europro. >> the preceding washe predhe p ram. the opinions and views expressed
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do not refle those ofle o bloomb l.p., its affilil.p. or imployees. .. .. ..
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>> the ing is a paid program. thinions and views expressed not reflect those of bloomberg lp, its affiliates, or its employees. >> the followiawi presentation brought to you byht t internht tnal commercialco erciallevision. im lisa varga. lisa i am 400 yes old. old.have never ad cosmetiev tievrgery. i ami amigh definition cameras. amerasbring them in closer. cser. good. good godo you your skin to look as youthf hf fresh as it can? going to share wgoinyou right now something every woman should bee doing and the one
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thing i do every single day. what is it 3.5 years ago, you first birst b using rad b frequency wanted. why? t delivers real results. is pictureictu ofnd's develor. to prove it works, srove it rk used it ion one side of her face for 12er face for 12eks. s. on side lines, wrinkles,lines, wri increases have inibly in diminished. shedin fact, theshedin fgheded looks open and appears lifted. . ose to mouthose oksos minimios mi os clearly, that site looks vastly yproved. here ichristina 16 years later16 y with no facial surgery looking lookingsolutely great. .you too can get fabulous results in your very own home withryhe thryheand. wee so confident cnt the deawandk you we
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you aring to show you livetohew you type of result that tf result th tf reawltdd can deliver. here to help us is deto help uss deto huss des de specialist stella richlist s >> i havproduction to to still shots of each of hots of tsdels so that you can see these remarkable live results. this is julie. she ha been modeling in europe i and the u.s. for how long? ow ow>> over 30 years. >> first, julie is going toulie i ahead and show ow dermawand provides instanceovides i in relation for the skin aroun sk eye, and eye, anden she will continuehe working orkingon e t face. go ahead and tago a leak attago that. keep going. m already seeing salreadsults. how long have you w have you young it dermawand? >> >>r eight years, and year is er at the age of 53age of 53 53 itas when i was 33as wrs old.s 33 >>s 33 k at that. t.look at her eyebrow. it really appears to be liftedars it is the wholeit isrea. now has volume, and it opened
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right up.right the difference. l tothersothersotot -- other areas. trst me, if u want me,ce ce e appearance of crows feet,ro you nero ok at the t thermawand.t t it is goingit it gr you. look around her chik around line and andthe cheek arth k look at the corners of the mouth. her skin to be so much tighter. julj was a smoker for 20 years and dermawand has minimized theminimi eminithoseminithmivertical smoker lis around her lips.nd h if youndake a look aoundake'ok aouake ' aouakak shot, before shot xt xtder live shot, there is the t sk effect that dermawanddd can deliver. >> i told you radio frequency was all the buzz. infoion on the internet inte confirms that radiofrequencyency is now considered one of the moed one effective methods fective izefectivizefectefect gns of pture aging. youyo caradiofrequencyof cyoffrom doctorsoffr doc
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s who have lh profesonal machines. bu keske multiple office visits to the effective, and trea can cost dozens of ofllars. ll they are just not practicju f n everyday use. everyday u with dermawandwith dedede we put th technolo techno no into a smaller unit with a wer amplitude and duency that is perfect for is everyday use. . a fraction o a o the cost anwhen used as directed, dermawandawandou that t lifted the look while itk whil tones and gives you t gift of younge oking younge ge ermawand wandnd w yea your appearance andr ce ause it twice a day every day. ever the treatment takes as litent takes ent taree minutes. >> what i do involves a lot with skin. with its amazing the difference i can tually see in patients who have had the dermawand or had d typ atment. . i'm asked, is it too late for my skin? no, i never too late. in fact, then n wour ski wis ki wise better you are going to love the sults.e sulte e here barbarahere
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age 65. 65an foanin and neck area. now look at tnow look at t see how the skin appears appearsightened apearsightround thesht sishtthe neck? e neckdo you see the new look under her chin? ifw dermawan's simpl' s simpto use directions, these are the types ofof results th re reofrequen rncarequen arechnology of dermawandrmawan caaw live >> i love my skin feels areatmenta after six weeks, i couldn't believe the diffbeence. i am 65 yearsi . thanks to dermawando deawandede i i look great. all i can say is without it, i iuld still be hiding behil the stars -- scarves. >>i am 62 years old. i have b i have b nd fo years. i love how it mi love h s inve hn feel. my friends and ok great, and i and ilieve them. i know my skin looks g mat. the tonre. ve a youthful growthth --
12:36 am
-youthful glow. mywand. >> just likee big radiofrequency machines thatne doctors and specialists charge charthou darlars for for and for and for for works because w deve e e micro-currents in the in t radiofrequency rpectrure re stimu s your skins yoururface. ermawanddelivers you avers you ale massage.le mas massage improve your circulaon assisting as fresh en, blood, and vit, blood, nutrood,s to your skin ss face. secondly, the gentlendly, microcurrent delmicrocthermal ene ene to the dermal areas under rkin kin surface and andcreasingal skin kinmperature may help support the skin' natural healthy look. ves off enrichve oxygen, which bathes youwhskin while you're using it. youill recognize ill ell. it is t fresh, clean after a cle rainstorm frrance. rich oxygen is a na oxyg
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cleanser and it helps give you youglowing, youthfuglowpearance.fuglowpe >> it isll abhoung you l with the rmawanddd i feel i have a fighting chance. my skin glows. owt is lifted. it smells good. it is just a great, fresheat, frefeeling. when i'm done i feel i' i done d d he ver thing i possibly siblyfor my ssiblfor my wok in thethethe mirr, i kn i have. it. t't tell you enough about tw much i love my dermawand. d >> use dermawandwhere you've 'veg've an attractiv in, your ck, skin, cheeks, and yo, chee eyes. eyes.also if you've had cosmetic osme surgery ortions, you really should breally should breall type of radiofrequency treatment as a maintenance progra dermawandand is perfect for tha pfect ct it is great to help men take years off their appearoff . nolook at thislook -- here -- h bonnie at hnn only 40. ravity has really damaged herdamage appeardamage
12:38 am
cres and lotions on their own just didn't seem didn'oing iem for. now here she is just after 60 days with the dermawand.e de the depression the dep her d d chin an ut appear utllap utllap. ut ap.the lines look as though theyhough have the backing this interface appears to have gone, making her all face seemner. the shapesh of the whole area aars amatically changed. the hooeases hooone.s hoo he area on tophehera a eyes really looks openeally l the browse seeme ow lifted. tethe whole eye area in the after picture, in fact the whole face, has a totallhas lifttall look as cpared to the before. >> the results i got e re amaz now that i've got dermawand skin, it will never stop usingr st ng. >> natalie wood never alieithoutalie the derma wa th she is not only can the --hehe is y goinisto use iy se i on her eyes, bu e underye u und the cheekbonunarea. .she is going to get those nose
12:39 am
uth lines and go rightnes an ther caadyell, nieel only loo oned, lyt hot. stella, what you're doing i' amazing. amaz ladies, i' la years old, and i feel and look better today than thai ever have before. >> it is my go to beaut go to b whto b i b reat nonsurgical rgical rejuvenation rei love the inst t stimulati stititi trea skin around my eyein which i always do ich before i go out, even over my makeup. with wellith well over one million il dermawand ilsssdered, it is your turn to joins to figure out how dermawandgive you a fantastic facial rejunation. when call,en the dernd t you order today woordet cost you -- cost you a cent. you that's right. thawandand youorder todayor
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willor s free for 30 days. we won' evenen charge you for sh handling for t hand t rst 30 day tt 30 d use your dermawand free for 30 days tprove it wil tgive ye the results you see in today'soday'show. . . it doesn't, put it ' it, p the boxed, and we will pay the co for you to send it back to us. that is a er to - 100% risk-free tria ri you've got absolutely nothing to lose. log on now. on now.order your very own dermawand. when come back, you see some more stunning live results. here's your chance order. >>whatwh if you could takifyears off your appearance with your own radiofre cyn radiofre cyn ra ra ra christ just one side of her face. look at the di loence. now here is christine today. 16 16 years laterno surgical face face king kiigliftlift what ifd fuhrman redefi the appearance of your entire c and neck line? ck ck is 65.
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what if yo what reduce the du look of a baggylook o faced? l has, and shend is 58. 58.whald dramatild dra improve the appearance of yourar f yoeyes?f yoeyesdid liveand she's 53. none of these women have had surgical face lifts. they just used dermawand. canake years off yoake ye ye yeappearancepearancence, and each treatment takes only three minute quicknternet search wilkinsch -- will show that radiofrequ tha is nonsidered one of the best methods to min to m effects ofeffects ofeffectsremature aging. the big radiofrequency machinesuency work because they create therthey cre energy andstimulation, but only me ecialists can use them. .they need a series of sers thatan cost thousands of s ofs. with dermawandth dwand we put the se technology into a smnolornt unit that also creates thermal enerte and stimulation.
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but with a lobtude and frncy s better for everyday home use. thermalther energy may assist the regenerative p ress in tive p lower vels of your skin. the instan e in stimulation creates cre c ca massageec ec helpesh oxygen andesh ox vital nutr vi your skin skinrface. acit delivers een en skin a fre rejuvenated feeling. feelinyou ca e dermyoand with your ite creams and lotions.s an an the tip is perfect tip is eting inproblem areas daily. t engy, stimulation, and n, oxygenation for a complete nonsurgical facialca rejuvenatio to help remove the look of all of those bags and sacks, creases, lines crearentals.creare dermawand rm reduce the appear of crows feet. c c >>t i do involves a lot of skin. does amazing the difference that nc thatcan see. >> we have shown you livvewith l noam l cuts l no comput
12:43 am
touchups that it really works. dermawandrmawrmawaw n costs200 0 ou won't pay that price today. when you order your dermawand we will include this hande for storagefor stor and travth th0, yours free.ours f you'lso live -- receive the ve special dvd, a $40 value. lut is yours free to show you how to gical attentiono ti your eyes, chles, cheeks ksvertical lines around your mouth, neck, andmouth, nec chest. plus, give yourself daily a completeonsurgical fteiaonsu rejuvenationvenati, saving, savav you thousands of dollars on spa and a ansalon .lo chlo arantees your results. s. >> i promise with my dermandmy derma yoll look loo s younger, ands younge if it doesn''t it doesn' promise, return retu it, and i will refundi will your money in full. i can make this guarantee because i'm with you every swith y of the way. you can contact you nline anytime. it my blog, and i will personally answer all of your
12:44 am
quons. qu dermawand will absolutely wil deliver the results that i promise. >> remember comedy series of oradio frequenc oraeatmentsueith those big machines thaonly doctors and medical specialimedica can use could c use to $3500. $3500. $3awandawandawand treatment won'ton' cost yon thacost yon tha st wonon tha st cost you $350. u $3 not even $250. not even $200. 200. is or payment payme of $39 if you order toda we will drop one complete payment, making your derma wand only three easy payments. .we are so confident it will work worku, i you call in th you yo15 minutes, e dermawandrmrmrm you youorder toda youn'r ton'r tor to cost you a u ant while you try outhile y that's that' it is yours free for 30 days.r 30 d yowon't evyo pay shipping and handling for the first 30 days. if youre not not entirely happy we will even pay return shipping.
12:45 am
that is a is is s 100% 30-day 100%e trial. are not done yet.e no we l also includenclu this to prepare your skiprepare ximum mumfrom your awanom y will include hydrae e support s mozer. applied ctly after using your dermawand to pro your results. also, you receivhydrant infusion treatment. just one drop is all you wrop need apd af r you moisd ri r watch your skinkin surfaceac taken akthe hydration. ts professional qualiofession q system is specially formulated to workmute with you de awand. it normallynormal costs 20 but i is yours today fre ywhen youre ywhen order dermawan or just pay prjust nd handling.ha you get the dermawand, the cosmet ag cosmet guarantee, re-face
12:46 am
trent, hydra suppo ri the hydra infusionranf auty treatment and hydratime beauty skin beau you get dermawand the cosmetic bag,oneyback gntee, the face nt the hydr pport pp moisturizer iz the hy iz on beautyon beayy treatment and dration beauty ty mist. ty mis that's a $360 value, all $360 val$360 just three easy payments of $39.95. $39. remember, if you call in the next 15 minutes,next 1an tryxt dermawand absolutely free for 30 days. th's righth-- you'll pay you' thing fo ur dermawand.wand not even shipp g and handhingd ha the first the first if you're not ent'reppy,reppy, we'll eve pay shipping.ippi 's a 100% risk-free trialis with t der wi you order today. trust me, you've got absolutely ing to ose, except theept th appearance of your lines andf yo wrinkles. let the wonder of radiofrequency sk car that if used asat directed ivers you the lifted look while it tones, tightens,ightens,
12:47 am
and gives yo unger lookingunger unge skin.. >>he results i got areesults i g amazing. now th 've got dermawandot d skin, i'll never, i'ing it. >> call the number on yournumb reen right re n't be chan'nything -- t even shipping anevenndling r the de and you order today while yo today t for yo to days. . call t number on your screen now to take advantage of this incredible offer and take yearsnd off your appearance. don't miss this o't missy. call the number on your screenre now. welcome back. wel re here wi sterea richards, who has been showio ha us how the rad usequency dermawand, if used as directed can take years off your appearance. >>lease is noty a model,y bu bububububunse atitionse atitio i use dermawandwa on all my clients. ientthey love the retheys.e the e e higher eyebrows. ye they love the resuey love
12:48 am
>f u don't tell the secret, i will. >> i am the mother of a 22-year- i know i do not look like it. you kn because of the dermawand. i will never go a day without it. thiss larger > those are amazing results. >> they areredible. redibl>> ladies, gravity is our gg g gthat adult skin that makes us ak look aged ad a and ted, we have to pick it back up and breabae nep an neliannto your skiannto your ntur nturhy i unty urawand in upward strokes every d stle day. i'm not afi'f my age. i just want to look myant best with healthy, glowing, tight skinskin. brg that camera in real closeea oseok how tight my face is. s. s.ome up close. look at myook atat eyes. you don't see any crows feet. every single day,eryse myy,ery dermawand in this area.his lala i am 50 this
12:49 am 5 i have never had cosmetic smeticocedures of anyoceduresyoced kind at i wilver need to. now the first timwyou use the thed, simply plug it in. turn theoning down to number nu three. the busof you tha b. get used to the sensation.ensation.t on your face andonircle youryor -- in circular and linear artions. ti ti will feel like champagnelike cha bubbles all over your skin. increasingining dial setting it each time that eac ac to whatever is comfortable. >> one of the girls the other day said, are you using a different makeup? >> i have not told anybody at work about this at , , not using different in makeup. they said, ion'aid,ow what you're doing, b're do' young' it made my ma >> take advantage of this unique
12:50 am
quopportunity to purchase your dermawand. the best part is youan tr 100% risk- ee for 30 days. for 3 here isget yours. ur>> what if you could take years off your appearance with youeara own radiofrequency treatments? christine used it on june use si si sisi look at the erence, and ce was 42 now here is cristina today, 16 years later and no surgical facelift, looking tight, lifoking tight, t at die aceve these agee defy s? with the d nd, the in-homeome radiofrequency phediofrequenhe the tip is perfect for targetingti prob s daily he three key elements of thermaler energy, stimulation, and oxygenation to hoxp remove the lookf all those bags and sags,gs andag creases, lines, and wrinkles. plus, ve ourself day oursours comprs rgical facial fac rejuvenati , ving youti th dollars on spot andspot a
12:51 am
salon visits. dermawand normally costs $240, t you will nott you t priceyoe whenou order, weenou order, this handy purse for storage and travel. plus, you will receive this dvd to show you to sive critical attention to your eyes, jowl youwl ywl y cheeks, the fine lines, thunfi your mouth, your neck, and even your chest.remember a series ofies ies ies ie radiofre treatments with those big machines coubig osch you up to $3500, but you'r're dermawand treatments won't cost at. on 't even cos you $350.os 50. not even $250. not even $200.ev $ dermawand is only four payme os of $39.9 but wait -- if you order todifer will drop one complete t, making your dt, mwand three easy payments of onlymentnly $39.95.$39.$39. but wait out all in theall in next s, the dermawand the dernd you order day won't costy won' cent while you try it hit. it's yo itee for 30 da it for for
12:52 am
if you are not eif you ahappy, you a we will even pay return shipping. that's a 100% 30-day risk-free trial with the dermawand you order toda to us, we will ude this profes quality system sys ysecially formulated to wofo with your dermawand. it normally costs $120, but it'sbut but today free when you orfree aw just pay processjust pd handling.halili you gethe dermawand, thehe cosmetic bag, the dvd, theag, dvd, t, dv t, guarantee, gu-face treatment, the trra support moturizer, the hydturizer,ionzer, auty treatment and hydration a beauty skin mist. that's a $360 value, all for just t easy justents off $39.95 $39.95 remember, if you call in the you cal next 1 tes, you can tryou c touou dermawand absolutely free for 30 that's right -- you'right ay nothing for your dermawand. not even shipping t evenndling
12:53 am
the 30the if you'if eouirely happy, we'll even pay at's a 0%atisk-free trial with the dermawand you ordermawaermawa today. trust me, you'ust me absolutely nothing to lose, except thet th appearance of your lines andur linesnd wrinkles. let the wonder of radiofrequencydiofre skin c that if used as directed deliverdireu the elived look while it tones, tigleens, tig gives you younger lookinging skin. >> the results i got arets amazing. that i've got d imawandmawa waskin, i'll nevin, i'p using it.i'p usin >> call the >> call the cal screen right now. you won' be charged a ing --in t even shipping and handhipping for the dermawand you orderorder while you try out for 30r 30 days. call the n be callour screen now to take advantage of this incredible offer and take years off your appearance. appeappea 't miss 'pot unity. call the number on your screen no >> w stella riards, who has been
12:54 am
showing us how the radiofreqow ty radiofreq tfreq tfrrmawand,ed aawdirectedcted n take years off yourear ap . >> we are here with my good friend claire. she 5 years younyo tell everyon y it ivethat youuse the dermawand.e the dermawrmaw >> i use it r >> ilf. makes me feel younger. and i feel beautiful.el b >> you are beautiful.utif look at her.lo >> with the dermawand, you can save yourself thousands of and perfm yoand pepe radiofrequency treatments at home every day.veve remember, dermawand can tone tighten, and tigh that liftedtighlook ande you the gift of younger looking yoin.yoyo in fact, if used as directed dermawand will take years will your appearance, and it only takes e minutes for each treatm tm >> today, yo >> teen real live results on women of every age grp. age age s your final opportunity to order your own dermawand right >> what if you could take years ofyour appearance with yourranc
12:55 am
own radi quency treatments?reatmentreat christine has used it on just it t i one side of her face. look at the di lookce, and she was . now, here is christina te is christina ar and no surgical facelift, looking great at age 58. how did she hieve thd shag hiev defying results?result with the dermawand, the in-home diofquency skidicare phenomenon.phen you can use de yoand with yourwith y favorite creams and riteons. pluse ti is perfect for for target problem areas pryeas eas with the three kwith tments of kwith t thermal energy, stimmal ion, and oxygenation to hoxp reatve the looks of all those bags and sagsea s, lsags, wrinkles. , give yourself daily a co, nonsurgica, , rejuvenation, saviju you thousands of dollars on spot and salon visits. dermawand normally costs $240,ly coslyoslyos but you will not pay thawill newill n today. when you order your dermawand, we'll include this handnclude this for travel, plus you will geplus ythiso
12:56 am
show you how to show y critical attentionitical attyes,yes, jowls, cheeks, the fine vertical nes around mouth, you neck, and even your chest.even yout.evt.t. reme remef radiofrequency treatments withth those g ma es could costt you up to $3500, but youo'r' dermawand treatments will not cost that. they will not even cost yout $350. . not even $250.not not t t even $20 dermawand is only for paymentsnly but if orde but if or today, we'lltodap one completeone coonononon payment, making it just thaking easy pay nts of only $39.95.. but wait -- if yout wal in thehe next 15 minutes,next 1ermawand you order today you orot cost you a cent while you try it out. it's yours free for 30 daysfree for 3 you will ot even pay shippingn pay sh and ndling for the fndling0ndli days. if you are not entirely happy, we will even payweeturn
12:57 am
ping.pipi t's a th0-day risk-free ial with the dermawand youermawa order today.der toder toder to will include thisl inin system specially formulatecial work with your dermawand. it norsts $120, bu'20, bu, bus today frees tou order dermawand. pay processing andd handling. you t the de awand,t he etic bag, the dvd, the moneyback guarantee, the tment, the h supportup moisturizer, the hydrarinfusion beauty treatment and hydraatment a skin mist. 's a $360 value, s a $360 vue vue just three eas payments of only $3bu you call now, youou call you y dermawand freey derm0 days.. you'll pay noth'llt even shipping and handling for the first 30 days.s. if you' ot entirely y, we'll even pay return shipppay retu 0% risk-free trial risk-freeee deeeand you ordeeedad d
12:58 am
trust me -- you've got absolutely n ng to lose except for he appearance ofhe appearance your lin and wriur ls. e wonder of your radiofrequencyran care, that use ected delive youd rrific results wrrle it tones, tigh, and gives you the gift of young ookiof skin. >> the results i got areults i i amazing. amazin now that i've got dermawand skin, i'll never stop using it. >> to participate in the free tria call the number on your scen right now. you won't be cu won' anything --thin theven shipping and handling for d you orderr today while you try it out for 30 days. ll ber on your screen now to e advantage of this incredible offer and take years your appearance. don't miss this opportunity. cahe number on your screen now. no this has been a production for international mmercialiona television, a publicly tradedde u.s. cor tion. the preceding was a paid program brought to you by international commercial television.
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>> the preceding was a paid ram. the opinions and views expressed express do not ref ct those of bloomberg lp, its affiliates, or its employees. . . .
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>> credit suisse misses profit estimates. we will break down the numbers. >> ecb president mario draghi keeps the markets guessing on rates. investors may have to wait another week for mark carney's forward guideance. a recall. we will tell you why. >> and sony agrees to sell its pc business. we will have the details, plus their latest earnings.


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